About Us

The K9 Trail Time Members Site

Here at K9 Trail Time we believe in making the most of our free time by combining our love of dogs with activity and in doing so manage to keep our dogs stimulated not only physically but also mentally.

Dog owners often think that to look after a dog adequately all that is required is food, water and love, however it is very important to remember the wild environment the dog has adapted from and the job your dog was originally bred to do.

This aspect of your dog’s genetic make up will influence your dog’s behaviour in many situations and even contributes to the way in which your dog can be trained.

After studying pet psychology, one of the most important things we learnt to consider for any pet's mental & physical well being is the avoidance of boredom.

If you are going to leave a high energy dog at home for any period of time you want to ensure the dog has been properly exercised both in body and mind before you leave them. The approach we take is holistic because we ensure all of our dog’s needs are being met.

With over 25 years of experience with dogs of various breeds and backgrounds and having taken part in many dog activities, we feel we can help you find something on our site to encourage healthy & happy behaviour in your dog and we promote the use of positive reinforcement in everything we do.

Our K9 Trail Time dogs have been rescued and have displayed various behavioural problems including destruction and separation anxiety.

One of the best ways to reduce unwanted behaviours is to replace them with positive ones and reward your dog for the effort made in constructive activity such as running, agility and other dog friendly sports.

K9 Trail Time stocks products we think are the best quality on the market for you and your dog and will be adding new products from time to time when we find more things to occupy you.

We hope you enjoy looking through the site and if you have any queries or suggestions please do contact us by e-mail at – [email protected]