Active dogs are happy dogs and we're here to share with you all the ways to help keep your active dogs happy!

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Enjoy running and having fun together with your dog

We know everyone is busy and so we want you to make the most of your time with your dog, so we will be sharing top tips from our own team and from experts within the dog world who we have invited to give us their pearls of wisdom exclusively for K9 Trail Time Subscribing Members.

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Active dogs

Our philosophy that an active dog is a happy dog means we participate in a number of dog sports but have an interest in a even wider range of activities and we have drawn on this to bring you information which may benefit you and your dog.

Running with dogs

Here at K9 Trail Time our main sport is canicross and we have lots of tips and tricks to allow you to start running with your dog safely and to make it the most fun you can have with your dog.

Dogs in harness

We have been fitting and retailing dog harnesses for over 7 years now and so we have lots of information for you on harness fit based on years of experience, dogs anatomy and also research into what effect the different types of harnesses have on movement. This is ongoing and we will be sharing our findings with you along with the latest research published by experts worldwide.

The whole package

We aim to provide you with a one stop shop for information for your active dog, ranging from diet and nutrition to training and also how to recognise, prevent and rehabilitate injury, should it happen to your dog. 

Expert contributors

We have been working with a panel of experts including physiotherapists, canine massage therapists, hydrothrapists, nutritionists and many more experts within their field, to bring you their opinions, experience and research in addition to our own.

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